Correct Walking Posture To Help Reduce Weight

The correct walking posture should be chest rise, stride. upper limb should swing with the rhythm of the pace.along the straight to walk. avoiding turn left or right. walk 0.5-1 hour every day, generally, you will see the visible result in 8 weeks.

With slow or medium speed walking, about 30-60 minutes each walking.usually do like this in 2-3 times, it’s best to walk in a pleasant scenery, such as park, road, street etc. walking 5-7 km each hour and at least doing exercise 30 minutes, the heart rate should control under 120 beats per would improve your spirits.

Your arms should swing rhythmically forward and backward while walking,can enhance the activities of thoracic,it’s suitable for people who has the respiratory diseases.

Backward walking is very popular weight loss method in city. It’s simple but the most effective walking weight loss method. If you hope to short your weight loss process, Taking Xenical diet pills is good choice.

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